Our Vision

We understand the problems in the current medical care system

We are the users of the public medical care system as you. Same as you, we are frustrated with the unavailability of the doctors and medical tests, and the long waiting time in a walk-in clinic or the emergency rooms. But when we look into the system, we see the resources in clinics and labs are still under booked. We use the latest IT technology to release these resources to the public with minimal fees. Our platform bridges the public to the hidden medical resources. Here are goals we want to achieve:
  • No waiting time, book your appointment everyday with a family doctor
  • Getting testing results in 24-48 hours.
  • Sample collection at a clinic or at home with a qualified nurse
  • Use your RAMQ card or private insurance or no insurance in these clinics. 

For the medical professionals

You can understand TestEasy as an online marketing platform - a platform with a business model similar like AirBnB. We earn commission by providing booking services. The qualified professionals, clinics, or testing centres provide the medical services.

Our platform accommodates any types of medical services, e.g. one time booking services, medical products, membership, testing. We do marketing for your services/products to your targeted clients. We require you make your services available all the time for TestEasy clients. Contact us by email (testeasyinc@gmail.com) or phone (438-228-0826), we can put your services online. 

For the public: why choose us?

We provide booking services. The medical services are provided by the professionals and qualified medical professionals, clinics, and testing centre. Different from the other platform, we guarantee our users the services we list always available in a timely manner.