TestEasy Membership for Consulting a Family Doctor in 24 hours.

Most people in Canada complain that they cannot access a family doctor in a timely manner. With TestEasy membership, you can access a family doctor within 24 hours. If you have an emergency, you can always have a walk in spot. 

Annual Subscription Fee:

One person: $250


Services include:

  • One annual checkup
  • File setup
  • The same day or next day appointment to see a family doctor at a price of 125$
  • Follow-up at a price of 100$
  • Reference to specialists by a family doctor
  • Telephone or zoom follow up at 70$
  • Various certificates (absence, aptitude, presence…) Starting at $25 

Target clients:

  1. New immigrates (family, children) without family doctor
  2. People with chronical diseases
  3. People with private insurance
  4. Elder people
  5. Cross border patients